Exploring Sonoma

I'm in awe of being able to skip between mountains, redwoods, and coast so quickly. The landscape changes drastically here on a dime and I think that's been my favorite thing about the bay area so far. The hills are morphing from gold to green and I'm slowly starting to settle into Petaluma, CA. I'm always looking for trail recommendations... so shoot me a message if you have a favorite I'm missing out on. Keep reading to see where I've been rambling. 


Left: The Golden Gate in smoke. Right: View from my porch waking up to orange Sonoma skies the first morning of the north bay fires. 


Left: Golden Gate in the fog. I've loved seeing the bridge in different types of weather. Right: View of the bridge from Fort Point.


Left: Berkeley looking golden. Right: Meandering at Salt Point State Park looking for new trails. 


Betsy came to visit and we walked in the tall trees at Armstrong Redwood State Park. We camped higher up the ridge and in the morning watched all of the deer strolling in the tall trees.


Left: Helen Putnam in the golden hour. Loving that this place is in my back yard. Right: Driving home on Highway 1. Somewhere near Jenner. 


Left: One of my new favorite beaches, Goat Rock Beach. I love all of the colors and textures of the stones. Right: A boardwalk trail in Sonoma Coast State Park.


Morning clouds lying low over Armstrong Redwoods State Park. This golden landscape with layered mountains is bound to show up in future prints. 


Exploring San Francisco markets. There is so much new to take in. Trying to move slow. Breathe deep. Take note of the good things.

Leaving Asheville

At some point in the first half of 2017 I decided to leave Asheville and move to Petaluma, California to be with my boyfriend Forrest. Exchanging the east coast for the west pulled my heart in a million different directions as I left behind so much in the mountains of North Carolina. Good friends, good food, epic skies and mountains. I couldn't have done it without my amazing community, my friends, the love and patience of Forrest, and the realization that even when things are good, they can still move forward into something new and bigger. Thanks to everyone who helped me land safely in Petaluma. 

quill and arrow asheville

Left: My parents who helped me with a million logistics, but also helped me climb some mountains one final time. Right: Balsam in late August. Golden rod in the golden hour. 


Left: One last "we're really good at taking pictures" picture with Ele and Buck. Right: My crew doing sunset right. 

quill and arrow asheville

Left: On the road sneaking west. Right: Koa in the 22' Penske with an entire letterpress studio in tow.


Left: Somewhere in West Texas. Right: Southern Central California at day's end.


We decided to take a pit stop at the Grand Canyon. Because. The Grand Canyon.


Left: Grand Canyon (with my new dreamy I never want to go anywhere without it backpack from Amber Jensen) Right: On the road.


Left: Trying to drive to a crater that costs $2398 to view. In which we turned around and said "thank you no" Right: Forrest took me to stare at the bay once in California. A little windy.


The Penske unloaded into the new studio. Everything on solid ground in one piece!